Monday, August 20, 2007

Red Steak House

August 19, 2007 : Red Steak House

World Porters is one of the furthest shopping malls from Sakuragicho Station. With a large movie theater, many shops and restaurants, the distance from the station does not stop many locals and tourists from visiting this mall.

A couple of months ago, the first floor was renovated and some new restaurants were added. A shabu-shabu restaurant, a Starbucks, a Cold Stone Creamery, a dorayaki store and a steak house.

We decided to try this steak house to see how their hamburgs were. Since I have an absolutely favorite hamburg restaurant called Hungry Tiger, it is very hard to find another restaurant that fulfills my hamburg craving as much as Hungry Tiger. However, since both of the Hungry Tiger restaurants in my area have since moved to more suburban locations, I have had to venture out to try to find a suitable alternative.

The entrance to Red Steak House

Salad and soup from the salad/soup bar

After looking through the menu, I decided on the Cheese Hamburg and my mom decided to try the Japanese style hamburg. The salad/soup bar was extra but we both wanted a little bit of salad so we added that onto our lunch. The salad/soup set also comes with either bread or rice and I wanted rice while my mom decided on bread.

The salad bar was simple with your basic salad offerings - lettuce, seaweed, potato salad, yogurt, fruit and some salad toppings like bacon bits, onion, croutons and cheese.

The soup bar consisted of two soups: corn potage and onion soup. Since I love corn potage, I had a cup of the corn potage, while my mom tried the onion soup. Both were good and perfect on the side the hamburg dish.

Cheese hamburg



Wafu oroshi hamburg (Japanese style hamburg)

The hamburgs were soft and juicy and had the home-made, hand-kneaded feel to it, unlike many restaurant who use machine-kneaded hamburgs.

The hamburg came with a side of demiglase sauce which is always quite perfect on hamburgs.

While Hungry Tiger finishes off their hamburg by splitting the hamburg in half and frying the meat on the hot stone plate, Red Steak House`s hamburg was already cooked and simply rested on the warm stone plate.

The hamburg was good and would serve as an okay alternative to my favorite Hungry Tiger but never a substitute.

Red Steak House
World Porters 1st Floor
2-2-1 Shinko, Nakaku

Shakeys Yokohama

August 18, 2007 : Shakeys (Yokohama)

While many of the local area Shakeys have gone away, the one by Yokohama station still operates their lunch buffet, both on weekdays and on the weekends.
This day, we went for their weekend buffet which is a few hundred yen more than their weekday buffet but we had a coupon for a free small drink from Gurunavi so we didn`t care too much. Plus, I think the price difference is really only 200yen or so.

The entrance to Shakeys with the price posted on their sign

The first thing you do when you get inside the restaurant is pay. This makes it much easier for eaters to just leave once they finish eating, which I think makes for a faster turnaround.. but I`m not sure. They handed us a drink coupon to redeem at the drink counter and we saw that there was already a line forming at the pizza buffet line. It was a little before 11:30 so the restaurant itself wasn`t that crowded but as we sat down, we noticed more and more people coming in through the door.

My favorite mo-jo potatoes and salad

Salami pizza, seafood pizza, japanese style seafood pizza topped with nori, beef pizza

Shrimp and mushroom pizza, double cheese pizza,
custard and banana pizza (dessert pizza), pasta and mo-jo potatoes

What I absolutely love about the Shakey`s in Japan is the fact that you can eat as much pizza as you like and they have a superb selection of all different kinds of pizza toppings! While I love Shakeys in general, the pizzas that you see on this buffet line vary from regular salami, sausages, mushroom and veggies to tom-yum-goong, kimchi, and dessert pizzas like custard and peaches, banana chocolate!!! I also like the fact that the pieces are small enough that you can have several different kinds of pizza!

My favorite was the double cheese pizza and the seafood pizza =)

Price: 1,134 yen (holiday/weekend price)

Shakeys (Yokohama)
Marufuji Bldg B1
1-11-1 Minami Saiwai
Nishiku, Yokohama

Friday, August 17, 2007

Akasaka Square Dining

August 17, 2007 : Akasaka Square Dining

Inside the Akasaka Excel Tokyu Hotel, there is a buffet restaurant called the Akasaka Square Dining. The restaurant is split into two different areas where the first area is more of a cafe and the back area is where they serve their popular weekday lunch buffet. While I also like their strawberry dessert buffet served in the cafe area of Akasaka Square Dining, today we tried out their weekday lunch buffet.

The entrance to Akasaka Square Dining

Ikura-don, taraba crab, fried kushiage, hamburg and pasta

The buffet has two separate seating times - one at 11:30am and the other at 1:30pm. We made reservations for the first one and arrived a little early but they led us to our table and asked us to wait until the finished setting up the buffet line. When the food was ready, the servers went around to each of the tables and told them that the food was ready.

The buffet line included fried kushiage (shrimp, vegetable and potatoes), curry, pasta, pickled vegetables, fried fish, italian hamburg and their specials : taraba crab, ikura (salmon eggs) and negitoro (mixture of toro and onion) don and their steak don (rice bowl). They also had a small area with some simple salad items as well.

The view from our table (of busy Akasaka)

crab miso soup

steak-don (bowl)

Each table had a pair of kitchen scissors to make it easier for diners to eat their large taraba crab legs! They also had crab forks available for use as well which made it much easier to eat these large crab legs!
Out of all of the dishes, my absolute favorite was the steak. Just barely cooked on the outside, the meat was perfect. There was almost no need to chew! It just kinda melted in my mouth.

After finishing our dishes, we moved onto dessert. Here too, they did not dissapoint. They had at least 5 or 6 different cakes, 2 or 3 jellies, soft serve ice cream and various fruit. My favorite was the strawberry cake and their strawberry jelly.

The buffet also included coffee, English tea or Japanese tea.

Soft serve ice cream, strawberry jelly and strawberry cake


strawberry shortcake (after all of the strawberries had been eaten!)
and a fruit tart

While the buffet line does not necessarily provide the same variety as some of the other hotel buffets, I think that each item is of very high quality and for the price, what a bargain!

Lunch buffet: 1980yen per person (weekdays only, reservations highly recommended)

Akasaka Square Dining
Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu 3rd Floor
2-14-3, Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel (81) 3-3580-2311

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cafe Tosca (Pan Pacific Hotel Yokohama)

August 9 - Cafe Tosca (Pan Pacific Hotel Yokohama)

Hotels in Japan usually have a hotel buffet restaurant which changes the theme of their buffet according to the season or other special events. The Pan Pacific Hotel in Yokohama is no different and this summer is offering a summer buffet called "Let`s moving on! Treasure Island." The menu consists of food with a Caribbean feel and offers various `live stations` where chefs cook the food right in front of you.
The restaurant staff were all dressed as pirates and it was very festive! It must be a nice change for some of the staff members to be able to get out of their suits!

The view from the restaurant

Some bread and salad

The view from Cafe Tosca is great and offers eaters with a view of the famous ferris wheel, the skyline of the surrounding area and to the far left, Bay Bridge.

We had made a reservation so we were led to a table right away and we went to the buffet line to see what they had.

Grilled vegetables, spicy shrimp curry, jerk chicken, orange flavored ribs, etc

There were four `live stations` and one had lamb, the other roast beef, the other a seafood bouillabaisse and also a grilled vegetable station. The other dishes consisted of salads, breads, curries, different meats, and other food.

Onion rings, curry and bread

Seafood Bouillabaisse

Roast beef

The lamb was soft and juicy and just perfect! I love lamb so its always a nice surprise when a buffet has a lamb dish! Everything was very good and we were full but knew that we needed to leave a little bit of space for some dessert!

Framboise and lime cake, caramel cake, tiramisu, custard pudding, coconut pudding

Blood orange sherbet, red peach sherbet and vanilla ice cream

The dessert area was filled with many different kinds of cakes. There were also various fruits laid out and we ate one of each kind of dessert. What was best was the blood orange sherbet! While I love sherbet, it is always great when you can find a sherbet like blood orange sherbet on a buffet line!

I love this buffet for their food, their atmosphere and their high level of service.

Cafe Tosca Pan Pacific Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu 2-3-7 Minato Mirai, Nishi-Ku, Yokohama 045-682-2222 (japanese) (english)

Katsu Sen

August 4 - Katsu Sen: Honmoku, Japan

In an area that is full of high rise apartment complexes and houses, Honmoku has very few successful restaurants. There are a few family-restaurants such as Denny`s and Red Lobster but there were very few other types of restaurants in the area.

In late July, Katsu Sen came to Honmoku and we decided to try it out!

The entrance to Katsu Sen from the parking structure

Cabbage, corn salad, green salad, harusame salad

What is interesting is that this restaurant has little booths that allow eaters to feel more secluded from the other eaters and give each group a little bit of privacy while eating. Which is really great if a family has kids and you sitting next to them, want to have a more quiet environment. They offer a salad buffet that includes about 5 or 6 different salads including thin-cut cabbage (which is a staple when you order katsu), corn salad, green salad, harusame salad (rice noodle salad) and a few other pickled vegetable salads.

So, while we waited for our food to arrive, we munched on salad and waited for our food.

My "healthy katsu teishoku" and the lunch portion of "hire katsu"

The "healthy katsu teishoku" consisted of fried asparagus,
ebi (shrimp) katsu and a regular hire katsu

The katsu came and we ground up the sesame seeds that were in the mortar/grinder and poured sauce into the bowl (they offer a sweet sauce and a spicy sauce).

The katsu was very soft and everything was really good! The asparagus was nice and crispy and the shrimp katsu was exceptionally good with every bite filled with shrimp!

This is a great addition to the Honmoku area and I look forward to trying something else on their menu!

Katsu Sen
17-2 Honmoku Hara, Naka-Ku, Yokohama
Honmoku Esta 1st Floor