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Cafe Tosca (Pan Pacific Hotel Yokohama)

August 9 - Cafe Tosca (Pan Pacific Hotel Yokohama)

Hotels in Japan usually have a hotel buffet restaurant which changes the theme of their buffet according to the season or other special events. The Pan Pacific Hotel in Yokohama is no different and this summer is offering a summer buffet called "Let`s moving on! Treasure Island." The menu consists of food with a Caribbean feel and offers various `live stations` where chefs cook the food right in front of you.
The restaurant staff were all dressed as pirates and it was very festive! It must be a nice change for some of the staff members to be able to get out of their suits!

The view from the restaurant

Some bread and salad

The view from Cafe Tosca is great and offers eaters with a view of the famous ferris wheel, the skyline of the surrounding area and to the far left, Bay Bridge.

We had made a reservation so we were led to a table right away and we went to the buffet line to see what they had.

Grilled vegetables, spicy shrimp curry, jerk chicken, orange flavored ribs, etc

There were four `live stations` and one had lamb, the other roast beef, the other a seafood bouillabaisse and also a grilled vegetable station. The other dishes consisted of salads, breads, curries, different meats, and other food.

Onion rings, curry and bread

Seafood Bouillabaisse

Roast beef

The lamb was soft and juicy and just perfect! I love lamb so its always a nice surprise when a buffet has a lamb dish! Everything was very good and we were full but knew that we needed to leave a little bit of space for some dessert!

Framboise and lime cake, caramel cake, tiramisu, custard pudding, coconut pudding

Blood orange sherbet, red peach sherbet and vanilla ice cream

The dessert area was filled with many different kinds of cakes. There were also various fruits laid out and we ate one of each kind of dessert. What was best was the blood orange sherbet! While I love sherbet, it is always great when you can find a sherbet like blood orange sherbet on a buffet line!

I love this buffet for their food, their atmosphere and their high level of service.

Cafe Tosca Pan Pacific Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu 2-3-7 Minato Mirai, Nishi-Ku, Yokohama 045-682-2222 (japanese) (english)

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