Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bobby G's and Koryu

So today, we were in Orange and so we decided to try out a new Mexican place we saw on the Internet.

Bobby G's -in Orange, CAIt's located at the corner of Meats and Tustin in Orange and its inside the Target plaza.
We looked at the menu and ordered Fajitas, one crispy beef taco, two taquitos and a carne asada burrito.

While both of us enjoyed the crispy tacos and the taquitos... we thought the fajitas were just okay (the meat was a bit on the dry side) and the burrito was more beans than it was carne asada.

We might go back for a taco or two sometime but wasn't something we were going to talk about for days!

Then at night, we couldn't really decide what to eat so we decided to go to Koryu Ramen in Costa Mesa. I got my favorite - Shio Chashu Ramen (salt based soup with pork on top)

And Ray got the special ramen of the day. I think it was called Pollo ramen? The soup base was Shio (Salt) but was mixed in with a chicken based soup - it was more like tonkotsu but, of course chicken and not pork. And the noodles were a bit thicker than the regular noodles. There were a few pieces of pork on top, an egg, some onions and some memma (marinated bamboo shoots). The Pollo Ramen was good but a little too rich/thick for my taste. I am happy with the regular shio ramen!

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ray said...

tacos were so good