Saturday, June 16, 2007

June 14 - Philippe's

Since we were driving on the 101 freeway up to Universal City, we decided to stop by in LA for some lunch. After debating about where to go, we finally decided to go to one of our favorite sandwich places in Los Angeles - Philippe's The Original: French Dipped Sandwiches! We made a left into the bigger parking lot and walked on over to Philippe's.
Philippe's has been a local favorite for about 100 years (their 100th anniversary is next year!) and is a favorite for tourists and locals alike.

Philippe's at the corner of Alameda and Ord
At night, the sign becomes a bright, welcoming neon glow,
beckoning sandwich lovers from all over!

The lines were pretty long but it was prime lunch time on a Thursday afternoon. There were lots of business people looking for a good lunch. We waited for a few minutes and got to the front of the line and ordered our absolutely favorite sandwich on the list - the lamb sandwich!

The interior hasn't changed ever since they opened this location

Philippe's offers pork, beef, ham, lamb and turkey sandwiches. Ray and I have tried all of them (except the ham) but we love the lamb the best.

Yummy lamb sandwiches!

Our waitress takes our order, grabs the meat and begins to slice it to put on our sandwiches. She then dips our bread into the au jus sauce and places it on cardboard/paper plates. We could not resist adding a side of cole slaw and some pumpkin pie for dessert to our order!

Our wonderful lunch: lamb sandwich, cole slaw and pumpkin pie

After getting our sandwiches, we went to go find a good place to sit. Usually we like the booths at the back but they were full. There weren't any other seats downstairs either so we had to walk upstairs, which was quite full too. But we found two seats at the end of a long table filled with shirt and tie-d business men and squeezed ourselves in. The lamb was juicy and tender as we always know. We could have used a little extra au jus sauce but one side had more sauce than the other. We should have asked for it double dipped but we forgot!

Who could resist this sandwich?

Overall, Philippe's is always a great experience. We love coming here and love their food - we wish we were in Los Angeles more often so we could stop by here more often!

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