Sunday, June 3, 2007

June 3: Taco Rosa Brunch Buffet

Today was the day... our very first visit to Taco Rosa in Newport Beach! We were originally planning on going to the one in the Tustin/Irvine marketplace but they aren't offering Sunday brunch just yet (supposedly, they will be starting brunch soon). So we drove to Newport and enjoyed a wonderful brunch at Taco Rosa. We started off with an omelette, some fruit, different entrees ranging from enchiladas to tamales. Their freshly cooked tortillas were good and so were their freshly cooked churros! ( i think I ate like 5 of them). I loved the chocolate covered strawberries and everything was just so good!

Taco Rosa on a beautiful June Sunday morning

Our first plate of all of the entrees. Sorry, not quite sure what was what...
but there were tamales, enchiladas, a beef dish, a pork dish...

Cooked-to-order tortillas (both corn and flour), some salad, freshly cooked churros and fruit!

Ray's first omlette.. with avocados, chicken, ham, onions, peppers, etc

Second plate of fruit and churros. Lots of chocolate covered strawberries this time!

Ray's second omelette! This time with avocado sauce and beans on top

I loved this buffet - its not something we'd do EVERY Sunday (especially because with tax, it came out to about $40+.) I did find it a little bit strange that they charged for freshly squeezed orange juice but the champagne was complimentary.. hrmm.....
Overall, super duper, would definitely go again!

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