Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fiore - Courtyard by Marriott Ginza

July 17, 2007
Fiore - Courtyard by Marriott, Ginza

While I was browsing the internet last night, I came upon a restaurant inside the Courtyard by Marriott in Ginza that does a lunch buffet for 2000yen (approximately $17). Since there are very few buffets in the Ginza area, curiousity lead me to try out this hotel buffet!

Located a few blocks behind the Matsuzakaya, this Courtyard by Marriott used to be called the Tobu Ginza hotel. Right when we walked up to it, there was an airport limousine bus waiting at the stop right in front of the hotel - how convenient!

The entrance to the hotel

So, we walked into the cafe located towards the back of the hotel and were seated quite promptly. Their hotel website said that they only accepted reservations between 11:30 and 12:00 so I was a little worried that it might be a little crowded but it looked like maybe only 60% of the seats were full - mostly of young housewives in large groups.

My first few dishes

After we were seated, we got up to go get some food. The buffet line is pretty small compared to the ones you might see in the US but consisted of a good variety of food. Some of the warm food included roast beef, hamburg, pasta, fried squid balls, spring rolls, sausages in pot au feu, curry, onion soup, fish and scallops in a cream sauce, chicken and paella. There was also a good amount of salad. My absolute favorite were the japanese pumpkin (kabocha) creamy salad and the cold shabu shabu salad. The pasta had a simple clam sauce and was quite good as well.

Shabu shabu salad, kabocha salad, bread

Hand carved roast beef

Their roast beef was very tender and juicy and was served in a small portion. Served with two small side potatoes, it was probably the most popular dish on the buffet line and every time a staff member stood by the roast beef to slice it and plate it for people, there was a small line waiting for the meat. The roast beef was absolutely perfect and I could have probably eaten pounds and pounds of it!

Soft cream, mango pudding, lychee, pineapple

The buffet also had some dessert including various fruit, almond jelly, a few different cakes and a make-your-own-soft-cream area. The soft cream was actually in a little plastic cup which you placed inside the machine and the machine would swirl it for you. It was pretty good but I would have preferred a little more flavor (like chocolate or strawberry instead of just vanilla).

Overall, for 2000yen this was a wonderful lunch. You can eat salad, main dishes, dessert and get something to drink (coffee, tea, juices) all for this price! In an area where lunch could easily run much more just for a main dish, I think this place was a great find!

1st Floor Courtyard by Marriott
6-14-10 Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo

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