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July 15, 2007 Mano Magio

July 15, 2007 - Mano Magio, Shibuya

While a typhoon was heading towards the Kanto region of Japan, I went to Shibuya to meet up with my mom to eat some Italian food inside Mark City, which is connected to Shibuya station.

Mano Magio is located on the fourth floor of Mark City, right in between a sushi restaurant and a dessert cafe. There was a large sign outside advertising their "2 person special" which included two appetizers, two main dishes (pasta or pizza) and dessert for 2500 a person. We decided not to get the special and instead just ordered from their regular menu.

Even thought it was 3pm, there were quite a few people eating inside.
On weekends, the restaurant is completely smoke free!

We first ordered their crostini appetizer which consisted of 6 pieces of crostini. Two were covered in a whipped butter, another two had tuna and the other two had tomatoes (like bruschetta). I liked the tomato bruschetta the best - it had the most flavor.


Then for our main dishes, we ordered pasta with a tomato sauce with clams, mussels and shrimp. And we also ordered the pizza with the egg, bacon, olives and mushrooms. There was a picture of a salad pizza on the sign in the front, but I guess they didn`t have that for lunch because we asked about it and they didn`t have it - maybe they change their pizza flavors for lunch and dinner.. hmm not sure...

Tomato sauce with clams, mussels and shrimp

The "everything" pizza - egg, olives, ham/bacon, mushrooms

The pizza was very thin and crispy and was quite good. The tomato sauce was absolutely delicious and I ate every last drop! The pasta was just okay, I think they undercooked the pasta just a bit. The lady who was sitting next to us had been given the wrong pasta dish and I think they had given her ours by mistake - maybe the chefs were trying to make our pasta dish in a hurry and undercooked it! eek!

Overall, the Italian food here is pretty good - not the best, but pretty good =)

Morozoft`s White Chocolate and Peaches cake

Then on our way home, we stopped by the Tokyu Food Show where they had cases and cases lined with desserts and could not resist buying something to take home! So we stopped by Morozoft and bought their new peach and white chocolate cake! It was perfect =) Not too sweet, the perfect blend of peaches and white chocolate. YUMMY!!!!

Mano Magio
Shibuya Mark City
4th Floor

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