Saturday, July 14, 2007

Uoyatei - Higashi Totsuka

July 14, 2007 - Uoyatei, Higashi-Totsuka

On Saturday, we went to visit my grandmother`s grave in Higashi-Totsuka (a very residential area in Yokohama) and on the way back, we decided to grab some lunch at Uoyatei - a revolving sushi restaurant inside the Aurora Mall right by the station.

The entrance to Uoyatei

The front of the store also has an area where they sell packaged
sushi that you can take home

When we got inside the restaurant, there were a couple of people waiting before us, so we took a seat and waited for four seats to open up. After about ten minutes of waiting, the waitress called out our group and led us to four seats at the counter. While some people are turned off by the fact that sushi revolves on a conveyor belt in front of tons of people, in Japan, its quite normal and a great, casual way to eat sushi. The sushi at Uoyatei is actually pretty good and you can always ask the sushi chef to prepare dishes fresh for you as well, if what you want is not on the conveyor belt. Most places start taking off dishes that have been revolving for too long and area always adding new dishes.

The sushi revolves on a conveyor belt

One of my favorite - tuna salad maki!

Another favorite - crab miso soup

This was new - seafood salad maki

Aburi salmon (seared salmon)

Their version of a california roll
(avocado, tuna, mayonaise inside with salmon on top)

The colored dishes are displayed so that diners know exactly
how much each plate costs

Toro salmon


Overall, this revolving sushi is one of the better ones in the area. The rice is small, the fish a pretty good size. Sometimes in the US, the rice tends to be a bit big and the fish a little small. Size-wise, these were perfect.
Anytime you are in Japan, its something you should try! Out bill came out to about 8000yen total and we probably had a total of about 30 dishes. Its a affordable way to try different types of fish and everyone should try it at least once!

Aurora Mall 7th Floor
Higashi-Totsuka Station

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