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Kakiyasu Sanshaku Sansun Bashi

July 25, 2007
Kakiyasu Sanshaku Sansun Bashi - Yokohama Bay Quarter

My friend wanted to eat Japanese food so we decided to go eat at Kakiyasu inside the Yokohama Bay Quarter mall. When we arrived, it was a little after 12:30 and there were about 5 or 6 groups on the waiting list before us. We wrote down our name and walked around the mall for a bit and when we came back to Kakiyasu about 20 minutes later, our name had already been called and they sat us right away.

One of the things I love about this Kakiyasu is the fact that their concept for this restaurant is "trustworthy, safe and healthy" food. Their menu consists of Japanese, Western and Chinese food but I consider all of their food very Japanese. It is a really popular lunch place for women because the restaurant offers lots of health options on their buffet line. It may not be enough sustinance for men though because there aren`t that many meat or even fish main dishes.

When we arrived at the buffet line, I saw they had a few different salads, potato croquette, pork katsu, egg rolls, hamburg, curry (spicy thai and black curry), oden, egg dishes, and lots of other food! The hamburg plate was actually empty and we went around the buffet table loading our plate with each kind of food and sat down to eat. I warned my friend that at Kakiyasu, they like to switch out their dishes a lot so sometimes you will eat something that you really like and then go back but it will be gone!

My first plate of food with some cold oolong tea

Doesn`t everything look yummy??

Everything was very good, as usual but I especially liked the bean sprout salad, the cabbage and pork salad with goma (sesame) dressing and the nikomi daikon (japanese radish). The daikon is my absolute favorite and I probably could have sat there and eaten daikon after daikon! I also like the fact they offer at least two different kinds of hot tea, two different kinds of cold tea, various juices, coffees and hot teas.

Since both times we went up to the buffet line, the hamburg plate was empty, we kept a watch on the kitchen door and made a mad dash for the buffet line again when we saw the waiter bringing in the plate of hamburgs. We grabbed one, took one bite and both thought it was way too sour! The sauce was supposed to be a sweet and sour sauce but the sour part of the sauce was way too much for our taste. The hamburg itself was good but I wish there had been a different sauce for it!

My second plate of food

The hamburg, blueberry jelly and chinese steamed bread

Since red bean paste and other Japanese sweets are not my thing, the only thing I ate for dessert was the blueberry jelly and the chinese steamed bread. They also had mochi, manjyu and other Japanese sweets for those who like that too. When I got my first dish, there was a little bit of this strawberry lemonade jelly left but was gone by the time I went for dessert! I should have taken some when I had the chance!

Overall, this place is another one of my favorite places to eat!

Kakiyasu Sanshaku Sansun Bashi
Yokohama Bay Quarter 3rd Floor

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