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Ocean Dining

July 19, 2007: Ocean Dining - Hotel Nikko Tokyo

Since my mom and I decided to go to Odaiba, I looked around at some of the hotel websites to see if they had any good lunch buffets. The Hotel Nikko Tokyo (Odaiba) had a lunch buffet at their Ocean Dining Restaurant so I made reservations online.

We arrived at the Hotel Nikko around 12:40. Both of the Odaiba hotels (Hotel Nikko and Le Meridian) have a special hotel shuttle that circles around to both of the hotels and the Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai line. There is also another shuttle that goes around to the different shopping malls and Fuji TV but the hotel shuttle came right when we were waiting so we hopped on that and five minutes later, we were in front of the Hotel Nikko Odaiba.

The entrance to the hotel is actually right by the Yurikamome line as well

The entrance to the restaurant


Ocean Dining is a mediterranean restaurant and so we were expecting a lot of seafood. As we entered the restaurant, the large windows had an absolutely beautiful view of the surrounding Odaiba area including the Rainbow bridge.
When we sat down, the waitress addressed us by name (because of our reservation) and told us a little about the buffet, filled our water bottles and gave us some bread with three types of olive oil and some bread sticks.

Main dishes: grilled veal, chicken picata, potatoes, stuffed vegetables

The view of Rainbow bridge from the tables is probably
what makes this restaurant popular

Some cold capellini pasta with tomato sauce,
seafood in tomato soup, pumpkin salad, various cheeses

The buffet area had the large portion of the food on the central area, with salads and appetizers on the window side as well as desserts and soups on the outskirts. They also had a counter where you could have the chef make a bean soup, bean curry, apple crepe or sandwiches. What impressed me was the amount of appetizers and salads they had! They probably had over ten different kinds of appetizers - all very delicate and delicious! They included pumpkin salad, cold pork salad with daikon, tomato ratatouille - like salad, etc.
The main dishes included tomato tarts, chicken picata, grilled veal, stuffed chicken, stuffed vegetables and other smaller dishes.

Vegetables, chicken picata, chocolate danish

Custard pudding (top right) and apple crepe

The food was very good - I especially liked the chicken picata .. the chicken was tender and flavorful and probably the best chicken picata I have ever had! They also had different appetizer/salads and had a lot of variety. The buffet also came with either tea or coffee at the end (free refills) and was the perfect leisurely lunch at Odaiba.

A couple of days later, I received an email from the hotel asking how the lunch was and that from September, they would be doing a Spanish themed lunch buffet. I thought that was a very nice touch!

Ocean Dining
Hotel Nikko Tokyo (Odaiba) 3rd floor
Lunch buffet 3360yen (weekdays)

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